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Professional Development Coaching

This personal development program is designed to help you to discover and achieve your goals through a focus on organizing and encouraging action to make a better world. You will learn techniques that will increase your abilities in key areas; including setting and achieving goals, communication skills, self motivation and positive mental attitude. This will help you to develop your skills so that, every day, you will be able to get the best performance from yourself and others. 

Allen Ministries

Providing individual spiritual guidance, couples coaching, special events and teaching Jesus.


Allen Ministries seeks to build relationships, make disciples and promote a living, personal, growing, relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ within the Community.


Allen Ministries was founded on the belief that one person connected to God can change the world. We strive to not only be our brother’s and sister’s keeper but also their encouragement, shoulder, and comrade.

Spoiled Milk Podcast

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